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Store Branding

Store Branding

 A1 Store Branding Products gives you a branding advantage and will prove to be cost effective.  Our Branding Products are designed to pay for themselves by driving repeat sales and to earn customer loyalty.

According to Consumer Edge which surveyed more than 2,500 households and rated 90 categories based on the likelihood consumers will continue to prefer the branded label versions, “Store brand grocery items have become popular across many product categories, and the trend is not likely to diminish”.

A1 Packaging knows that our value added store branding products are the latest trend in the grocer retail industry.  The Wall Street journal confirms “In some cases, consumers even pay more for store brands, many of which have been positioned as gourmet or specialty items... chains are pouring money into polishing up their private labels as brands in themselves.  They are expanding lines, adding new flavors and packaging, and finding ways to charge more.  With their dressed-up labels, retailers aim to increase market share and boost profit margins amid rising food costs.”



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